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Split Level Stair Framing - Stringer and Landing

Cut Stair Stringer That Will Connect to Landing Ledger Bottom Stair Stringer Pattern Stair Stinger Pattern on Saw Horses Marking With Stair Stringer Pattern
Plywood Marked and Ready To Cut - Stair Risers Cut Lower Stair Stringer for Landing Attachment Two Stair Stringer Patterns for Split Landing Staircase Bottom Stair Stringer Concrete Foundation Connection
Stair Stringers Ready To Install Upper View Of Stair Landing Before Framing Drywall Spacer Nailed to Stair Stringer Nailed and Adjusted Lower Stringers
Checking and Adjusting Stringers Upper Stair Stringer Floor Framing Connection Lower Split Landing - Rough Framing Lower Stair Landing Framing

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