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Bottom of Curved Stair Tread and Riser

Have you ever wondered how a stair builder, creates a curved stair tread and riser? Well, the secrets out of the bag. You can use different building materials, but I chose to use a scrap piece of 1 - 1/8 inch plywood, to give myself some more nailing room.

I used smaller pieces of plywood before, that split and are difficult to drive nails into, because there are so small. In the picture above, it's hard to see but I used a construction adhesive to glue the bottom nailer, to the building foundation.

This also provides a moisture barrier between the concrete and the plywood. The construction adhesive might separate over time, but I doubt it will ever be a problem. You can always fasten the bottom nailer to the concrete by using a wide variety of framing anchors

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